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Graphic Design & Illustration

Adam & Eve : Let's try ONE !

Finalist of ONE® Design Contest Spring 2021
2021年春季ONE®安全套包裝設計 - 決選入圍作品

Adam & Eve : Let's try ONE
Orked's plight 

Illustration for the story of a transgender girl who quit medical school and went into her transition by injecting black-market hormones, due to the severely curtailed health protections for transgender people.

插畫設計 :故事講述一名跨性別女孩,在跨性別健康照護匱乏的制度下,為了成為自己而迫於無奈離開醫學系,走向黑市荷爾蒙注射的轉換之路。

Orked's plight
Documentary is a posteriori.

Woodcut print: Stepping on the ground leads you to the truth.
木刻版畫作品: 踏進田野,才有真實。

Soleil's nightmare 

Illustration for a story about the mental torture of a sexual harassment victim. Soleil Ching was sexually harassed by an associate professor is still having nightmares after two years.

插畫設計 :故事講述性騷擾造成的心理創傷及倖存者的歷程。一名女大學生遭副教授伸出狼爪,時隔兩年後仍出現與性騷擾有關的噩夢。

Soleil's nightmare
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