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On the Way of Blossom

Director & Editor|2017|Doc|32min|Chinese (with Chinese & English subtitle) 

In order to live with her girlfriend Kai Li, Ah Tang left Malaysia for Taiwan. As same-sex marriage hasn’t been legalized, Ah Tang has no other choice but to stay on with a student visa, by becoming a 35-year-old freshman.

How are Ah Tang and Kai Li’s families like? What do they think of marriage and family? 

A single bed,
a couple’s dream of becoming each other’s family.


​★ 2017 Taiwan International Queer Film Festival (TIQFF) - Asia Pacific Queer Film Festival Alliance Shorts 

★ 2017 Freedom Film Festival - Best South East Asia Short Film (Nominated)

★ 2017 South Taiwan Film Festival  

★ 2018 Hong Kong Ground Up Student Film Festival

Short Documentary
Tattoo Man

Director & Editor |15min | Documentary|2015

There are many interesting stories hidden behind different occupations in our diverse society. Let's dive into a tattoo artist's life and learn about his jobs, his beliefs and his family. 

News Feature
War of the Street

Reporter & Editor |8min|Feature Report|2015

A news feature on street artists licensing policy in Taiwan.

★ Selected and broadcasted by Taiwan Public Television Service
★ 2016 PeoPo Citizen Journalism Awards: Nomination

Daily News 
Fish dead in ditches causing stinks, industrial pollution ruled out​

實習記者 |3分|每日新聞 |2015年12月

A daily news report on water pollution in agricultural irrigation drainage  in Chiayi County, Taiwan.

★ 2016 CCU Communication Film & News Festival: Best Daily News Report (Nominated)

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