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About me


Wong Kai Hui 黃凱薈

Hello. I am a journalist from Malaysia, currently based in Hsinchu, Taiwan while pursuing my Master's degree in Inter-Asia Cultural Studies (IACS) at National Tsing Hua University. My research focuses on reassessing the historical context of gender/ sexualities governing penal laws in Malaysia.

I was the Thomson Foundation Young Journalist Award 2021 winner, and formerly a reporter at the independent media Malaysiakini, covering issues related to gender/sexualities, environment, youth and domestic politics.

I am currently an independent journalist, specialising in gender/sexualities topics, as well as investigative reporting and research on information operations in Southeast Asia. As the editor for This Is Southeast Asia - an emerging literary platform based in Australia - I also work with young talented writers from Malaysia and Singapore.

Feel free to reach out for collaboration!



我目前以獨立記者身份書寫性/別相關議題,同時參與東南亞訊息操作相關的報導及研究。我同時擔任設立於澳洲的新興文學寫作平台——This Is Southeast Asia的馬來西亞及新加坡版組稿編輯,主要負責與新馬兩國的中文年輕作者一起工作。


“Kai Hui is one of the many young journalists I have the privilege to work with in Malaysiakini. She is tenacious, meticulous, and diligent in pursuing her stories – all prerequisite skills for a budding investigative journalist.”

“What I find even more remarkable - like a number of journalists in Malaysiakini - she took it upon herself to not only write her stories in Chinese, which is her strongest language, but also translate them into English and Bahasa Malaysia.”

- Malaysiakini editor-in-chief Steven Gan  Nov 30, 2021

Things that I do

Writting 書寫

Click to view my published  articles in Chinese.

Drawing 畫畫

I love drawing and I explore graphic design and illustration.

Translating 翻譯

Most of my articles are translated into English, click to view.

Shooting 拍攝

View my documentary films and video news reporting here.

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