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我現以獨立記者及專欄作者身份持續書寫,作品散見多個平台,包括台灣《轉角國際》、《聯經思想空間》、馬來西亞《當今大馬》及澳洲 Missing Perspectives 。


我同時是新興文學寫作平台——This Is Southeast Asia 的馬來西亞及新加坡版組稿編輯。


“Kai Hui is one of the many young journalists I have the privilege to work with in Malaysiakini. She is tenacious, meticulous, and diligent in pursuing her stories – all prerequisite skills for a budding investigative journalist.”

“What I find even more remarkable - like a number of journalists in Malaysiakini - she took it upon herself to not only write her stories in Chinese, which is her strongest language, but also translate them into English and Bahasa Malaysia.”

- Malaysiakini editor-in-chief Steven Gan   Nov 30, 2021

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