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About me


Wong Kai Hui 黃凱薈

Hello. I'm a journalist who cares about gender, environment, identity politics, and democratic development worldwide, with a particular focus on Malaysia.

I believe being multilingual help connect segregated societies and cultural groups, and skills in graphic design, illustration, filmmaking and basic web development strengthened the impact of my reporting and storytelling.

Feel free to reach out for collaboration!





“Kai Hui is one of the many young journalists I have the privilege to work with in Malaysiakini. She is tenacious, meticulous, and diligent in pursuing her stories – all prerequisite skills for a budding investigative journalist.”

“What I find even more remarkable - like a number of journalists in Malaysiakini - she took it upon herself to not only write her stories in Chinese, which is her strongest language, but also translate them into English and Bahasa Malaysia.”

- Malaysiakini editor-in-chief Steven Gan  Nov 30, 2021

Things that I do

Writting 書寫

Click to view my published  articles in Chinese.

Drawing 畫畫

I love drawing and I explore graphic design and illustration.

Translating 翻譯

Most of my articles are translated into English, click to view.

Shooting 拍攝

View my documentary films and video news reporting here.

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